Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wax Idols - Discipline and Desire

The jump from 2011′s No Future to 2013′s Discipline and Desire is a major upgrade, and a prime example of how collaboration can aid a band’s output rather than hurt its creative process. Primary member and songwriter Heather Fedewa/Hether Fortune, at only 25, has already taken part in a handful of bands, been a dominatrix, dated a cult rock star (the late Jay Reatard), and developed enough confidence and self-assuredness to spew a stream of arrogance and “you don’t get my art” arguments throughout her social media feeds. She carries herself with the cockiness and androgyny of a leader respectively beyond her years, and beyond traditionally-defined femininity. For someone so obscure, she’s quite a somebody. And she is extremely self-aware. [...]

(Read the full review at Your Flesh.)

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