Sunday, November 18, 2012

Yet another by Vaadat Charigim, and a much-anticipated new bit from Will Stratton.

While Israel is busy retaliating against Hamas, apparently continuing a long chain of airstrikes, Tel Aviv's Vaadat Charigim keeps on releasing new singles in anticipation of their debut record, due in early 2013. The world must go on, right? Follow them here, or download "The World is Long Lost," linked below.

Vaadat Charigim - The World is Long Lost (MP3)


Meanwhile, the amazing and brilliant Will Lulofs (stage name: Will Stratton), who boasts several fantastic folk albums (including one of my favorites from this year), has been fighting stage three cancer at the age of 25; while he's expected, luckily, to pull through without a hitch -- though perhaps several rounds of chemo doesn't quite qualify as "without a hitch" -- his family's started an account to help pay off his medical bills. They've hit the $20,000 mark but, you know, the American healthcare system.

Donate to Will Stratton's cancer fund here.

And check out the demo he's made between rounds of chemo:

If you haven't had a listen to his marvelous 2012 record, this is its daring opening track:

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