Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gospel Gossip - Atlantic Blue

This is the most marvelous release to arrive in my inbox this week. Gospel Gossip is a Minnesota-based trio resembling the good stuff that came out of the early '90s. Frontlady Sarah Nienaber recalls a young Aimee Mann, and several years prior, with the Drift EP of 2009, helped make Gospel Gossip something of a hark back to Tanya Donnelly-fronted Belly, this wonderful mess of guitar thrash and drone at once, all the beauty of Nienaber's feminine vocals balanced by crushing drums. Gospel Gossip would've fit beautifully on a playlist in 1993.

Drift was more of a rock release than the Atlantic Blue EP, which is reverb-heavy and quite dreamy, the appropriate shoegaze soundtrack to what could be one of several fond memories. It is the romanticism of Orange Juice with the backbone of Throwing Muses, and would serve well as the setting for the final dance of the night at that shitty, shitty prom you've been weeping through. Oh, the emotion this music stirs!

The best part of Gospel Gossip? Nienaber is also the bass player for Is/Is, another band for whom I've declared my love on this very site. As for the other guys, for what it's worth, their drummer's a web developer by day, and their bass player is, so the story goes, a silver fox.

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