Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vaadat Charigim/Exceptions Committee

Very recently received a submission called "Odisea," the newest single off what will be a debut record from Vaadat Charigim, of Tel Aviv. It's 80s-tacular and will appeal to fans of Slumberland Records, or perhaps bands like Crocodiles, the Smiths, or Echo and the Bunnymen.

Given such, it should be said that Vaadat Charigim follow the 1980s New Romantic tradition of following tragedy with poetry. The world is doomed? Let us close our eyes and kiss the world goodbye! It's cliche, and it's beautiful. They make what many bands in the U.S. and U.K. have been making for years, but they've got a better sense of humor.

Presumably, most of you don't speak Hebrew - luckily, the band had the foresight to send along a translation of their lyrics, so here they shall be included:

When the missles will fall in the streets of Tel Aviv
What will we wear
And what music will we be into
And how will we pass the time till then?

When the shopping mall will collapse into intself
And the city within a city will fade with it

Please, please, please, please, kiss me at the end of the world

When the missles will fall on central station,
The black city will rise in the air
And swallow the white

If we are all doomed to die in a giant blast wave
Let's live today as if it's yesterday

Please, please, please, please, kiss me at the end of the world

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