Monday, September 17, 2012

Beware! 2012 will be the year of thee yikes.

Happy Tuesday, friends. Today, I've got a track by Philadelphia's LE Yikes SURF CLUB, fronted by Gary Viteri (of Dirty Tactics, who would've fared quite well in 2004 but showed up a bit late). LE Yikes SURF CLUB is a fast and dirty garage rock band that, in all truth, resembles numerous others from the last five or six years, a trend surely aided by the initial excitement of Black Lips' arrival an approximate decade ago.

They've got this new EP out, Yikes, and it consists of rock n' roll that's well-suited to Viteri's youthful nag -- lo-fi and quick, with an intro borrowed from Joy Division's "Shadowplay" ("No Thanks") and a carefree energy that could just as easily be demonstrative of origins in Los Angeles or San Diego as Philly. Unfortunately, everyone's gonna try to compare them to Fidlar.

Purchase a limited edition cassette and CD pairing for $5.50! Limited pressing of 100, and includes stickers and buttons.

You don't like things that stick to other things? The digital album is available here.


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