Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Speedy Ortiz - Sports

Actually quite excited about a brand new release; Speedy Ortiz of Northampton, MA, has just released a new EP, and they'll be visiting California next month to support it. I gushed about this band a bit, back in March, and am pleased with the result of their last few months' work. The Sports EP (yes, with songs named for sports like "basketball," "curling," and "sucking") is somewhat girlier and a touch less grungy than the "Taylor Swift" single released a few months back, but it's just as good, and whereas the aforementioned single reminded quite a bit of the play between Ash Bowie and Mary Timony of Helium, this new release is less about style and more about heartbreak and youth, and about the honesty that's been written. The way bass and guitar crawl alongside each other makes their songs easy to latch onto, and vocalist Sadie Dupuis' tendency to pronounce her letter "r" sort of harshly gives her a charming, approachable style - she's the chick who probably says "dude" a lot and has better taste in everything than you do. Ugh, cue Juno references.

Honestly, though, you should support this band. I received this album for free and I bought a copy anyway.

Speedy Ortiz - Silver Spring (MP3)
Purchase the EP! It's only four bucks to download!

(Edit: June 18: They'll be at the Smell on July 11, and McWorld in Culver City on July 12.)

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