Monday, June 18, 2012

Go see Speedy Ortiz on tour.

If there's a ??? listed, they need booking help, in which case you can email them at

Tues 6/19 Northampton, MA: King Street Manor w/ Bunny's A Swine, Zebu, Two Inch Astronaut
Friday 6/22 Philadelphia, PA: Dane Fallon Fest @ The IHOP Estate (early); Level Room w/ UGH God, Cavale, With Knives, Vaporats, Snagwing (late)
Saturday 6/23 Baltimore, MD: Golden West w/ Roomrunner, Daughn Gibson
Sunday 6/24 Richmond, VA: Church of Abraham w/ Sundials, Gunboat (mems. Young Adult Fiction), Billy Raygun, Bad Mammals
Monday 6/25 Durham, NC: Motorco Music Hall w/ Joy in Red
Tuesday 6/26 Asheville, NC: The Get Down w/ Free Lunch, Machiavillains, Psychic Blood
Wednesday 6/27 Macon, GA: Roasted Cafe w/ Trufflelina
Thursday 6/28 Tallahassee, FL: Lil Rock w/ Duck, Little Brother, Duck!, USAHoles (Arkansas Fest)
Friday 6/29 Gainesville, FL: The Atlantic Night Spot w/ Flat Lands, Sons of Young, Deputy
Saturday 6/30 Orlando, FL: The Peacock Room w/ The Mother Machine, Yogurt Smoothness, Psychic Blood
Sunday 7/1 Atlanta, GA: Sriracha House w/ Ricer, Sycophants
Monday 7/2 Mobile, AL: Alabama Music Box w/ Daikaiju
Tuesday 7/3 New Orleans, LA: ???
Wednesday 7/4 Houston, TX: The Cornerstone w/ Daphne, Wales, Hounds, Neptunes Explode
Thursday 7/5 Austin, TX: Frontier Bar w/ Bad Chapters, Watch Out For Rockets
Friday 7/6 Denton, TX: ???
Saturday 7/7 Norman, OK: The Opolis w/ Sonic Violence, Chud
Sunday 7/8 Albuquerque, NM: The Alamo w/ Pitch & Bark, Tree Motel
Monday 7/9 Flagstaff, AZ: ???
Tuesday 7/10 San Diego, CA: Tin Can Alehouse w/ Big Wilson River, Bagdad
Wednesday 7/11 Los Angeles, CA: The Smell w/ LA Font, Tennis System, The Withers
Thursday 7/12 Los Angeles, CA: McWorld w/ Snow Wite
Friday 7/13 San Francisco, CA: The Stork Club w/ Greater Sirens, Hazel's Wart
Saturday 7/14 San Francisco, CA: Dolores Park Cafe w/ Human Machines, Stars Are Projectors
Sunday 7/15 Eugene, OR: BBQ party w/ Soccer Babes
Monday 7/16 Portland, OR: Laughing Horse Books w/ Lunge, Wild Moth, Tyrants
Tuesday 7/17 Olympia, WA: ???
Wednesday 7/18 Seattle, WA: Funhouse w/ Haunted Horses, Spray Paint, Stickers
Thursday 7/19 Spokane, WA: w/ Ultra Peach, Jesus or Genome
Friday 7/20 Missoula, MT: VFW
Saturday 7/21 Salt Lake City, UT: Kilby Court w/ Cuddleslut, Moccosai, One Way Life
Sunday 7/22 Denver, CO: The Denver Post Underground Music Showcase
Monday 7/23 Fort Collins, CO: Gnu Gallery w/ Spray Paint
Tuesday 7/24 Omaha, NE: Farnam House
Wednesday 7/25 Iowa City, IA
Thursday 7/26 Minneapolis, MN: Cause
Friday 7/27 Madison, WI: w/ Slow Loris
Saturday 7/28 Chicago, IL: w/ Geronimo, The Pop Tarts, Melon Boat
Sunday 7/29 Kalamazoo, MI: Milhouse w/ Crash City Saints
Monday 7/30 Detroit, MI: Trumbullplexx w/ Cloud Rat, Esper
Tuesday 7/31 Cleveland, OH: ???
Wednesday 8/1 Pittsburgh, PA: Draw Us Lines Presents (@ Brillobox) w/ Pet Clinic, Legs Like Tree Trunks
Thursday 8/2 DC: ???
Friday 8/3 Brooklyn, NY: Shea Stadium w/ Porches, Mail the Horse
Saturday 8/4 Allston, MA: Wacky Kastle w/ Vegans, Grass is Green, Pile, Fat History Month
Sunday 8/5 New Hampshire
Monday 8/6 Northampton, MA: w/ California X

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