Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Meursault!

New Meursault single came out and it's BEAUUUUUTIFUL. Order their third studio album, Something for the Weakened, at Song, By Toad.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bill Nye would've had a field day with this guy.

Craft Spells - Gallery

While I’m wont to complain that Gallery is a mere continuation of 2011′s mediocre debut, Idle Labor, it’s miles better, in fact, tearing away from the band’s imitation of the faux glamour and tired beats that ran rampant in the 80s, instead delving into the dreamy new romantic quality of pop that, well, ran rampant in the 80s. The 1980s have been back since, what, 2003? And they refuse to go away, thanks to bands like Craft Spells, who are young enough to have missed both the original decade and the first wave of the revival, and want to get in on romanticizing a period when it was cool to be flashy and rich and a little verbose, and sort out all the features on your keyboard.
Craft Spells’ full-length would’ve fared better using songs like “From the Morning Heat” or “You Should Close the Door” as jumping points, each founded in early shoegaze, or pop music typical of the Slumberland label. Instead, it resembled, for the most part, an amateur experiment in sounding lonely and British. But Gallery finds core member Justin Vallesteros doing his best New Order with songs that are catchy, lush, consistent in tempo. The lack of a live drummer makes this recording little more than a dreamy wall of sound with no real high or low, and though the potential for dullness is there, this quality makes the collection fluid and consistently of a particular mood. He’s a few years behind on his trend, and at this point it would be refreshing to find a band that doesn’t regurgitate the highlights of another decade, but to his credit, Vallesteros was still in high school when the 80s made their comeback in music, and in catching up, he regurgitates the decade well.

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Craft Spells - Still Left With Me
Purchase Gallery

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Psychic Paramount is coming!

Holy shit! The Psychic Paramount's finally coming to Los Angeles! This happens once every few years. Go to the Satellite (former Spaceland) on July 27. Details here.

Fooled by a white guy!

Adorable English band Little Comets came out with the EP Jennifer and Other Stories earlier this month, and then released this lovely acoustic version of "Language is Over."

They've got a second full length album, Life is Elsewhere, coming out August 20, and it's available for pre-order here.


So, I saw that "first-wave Slumberland Records band Lorelei" was coming out with their first record since 1994 - it'll be Enterprising Sidewalks, out August 16 - and I thought, "Michael Stock will be all over this."

Ah! But he's ahead of things, per usual. And Lorelei will be part of the Part Time Punks Shoegaze Festival lineup, set for tomorrow at the Echoplex in Echo Park.

Tour dates:
Sat 6/23 - Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco. $8, 9PM. 
Sun 6/24 - The Echoplex, Los Angeles. PART TIME PUNKS Shoegaze Festival. $18, 4PM. 
Mon 6/25 - Soda Bar, San Diego. $7, 8:30PM. 
Thurs 7/19 - Glasslands, Brooklyn, NY. $10, 8:30PM. 
Fri 8/17 - Black Cat, Washington, DC. $10, 8:30PM. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Go see Speedy Ortiz on tour.

If there's a ??? listed, they need booking help, in which case you can email them at

Tues 6/19 Northampton, MA: King Street Manor w/ Bunny's A Swine, Zebu, Two Inch Astronaut
Friday 6/22 Philadelphia, PA: Dane Fallon Fest @ The IHOP Estate (early); Level Room w/ UGH God, Cavale, With Knives, Vaporats, Snagwing (late)
Saturday 6/23 Baltimore, MD: Golden West w/ Roomrunner, Daughn Gibson
Sunday 6/24 Richmond, VA: Church of Abraham w/ Sundials, Gunboat (mems. Young Adult Fiction), Billy Raygun, Bad Mammals
Monday 6/25 Durham, NC: Motorco Music Hall w/ Joy in Red
Tuesday 6/26 Asheville, NC: The Get Down w/ Free Lunch, Machiavillains, Psychic Blood
Wednesday 6/27 Macon, GA: Roasted Cafe w/ Trufflelina
Thursday 6/28 Tallahassee, FL: Lil Rock w/ Duck, Little Brother, Duck!, USAHoles (Arkansas Fest)
Friday 6/29 Gainesville, FL: The Atlantic Night Spot w/ Flat Lands, Sons of Young, Deputy
Saturday 6/30 Orlando, FL: The Peacock Room w/ The Mother Machine, Yogurt Smoothness, Psychic Blood
Sunday 7/1 Atlanta, GA: Sriracha House w/ Ricer, Sycophants
Monday 7/2 Mobile, AL: Alabama Music Box w/ Daikaiju
Tuesday 7/3 New Orleans, LA: ???
Wednesday 7/4 Houston, TX: The Cornerstone w/ Daphne, Wales, Hounds, Neptunes Explode
Thursday 7/5 Austin, TX: Frontier Bar w/ Bad Chapters, Watch Out For Rockets
Friday 7/6 Denton, TX: ???
Saturday 7/7 Norman, OK: The Opolis w/ Sonic Violence, Chud
Sunday 7/8 Albuquerque, NM: The Alamo w/ Pitch & Bark, Tree Motel
Monday 7/9 Flagstaff, AZ: ???
Tuesday 7/10 San Diego, CA: Tin Can Alehouse w/ Big Wilson River, Bagdad
Wednesday 7/11 Los Angeles, CA: The Smell w/ LA Font, Tennis System, The Withers
Thursday 7/12 Los Angeles, CA: McWorld w/ Snow Wite
Friday 7/13 San Francisco, CA: The Stork Club w/ Greater Sirens, Hazel's Wart
Saturday 7/14 San Francisco, CA: Dolores Park Cafe w/ Human Machines, Stars Are Projectors
Sunday 7/15 Eugene, OR: BBQ party w/ Soccer Babes
Monday 7/16 Portland, OR: Laughing Horse Books w/ Lunge, Wild Moth, Tyrants
Tuesday 7/17 Olympia, WA: ???
Wednesday 7/18 Seattle, WA: Funhouse w/ Haunted Horses, Spray Paint, Stickers
Thursday 7/19 Spokane, WA: w/ Ultra Peach, Jesus or Genome
Friday 7/20 Missoula, MT: VFW
Saturday 7/21 Salt Lake City, UT: Kilby Court w/ Cuddleslut, Moccosai, One Way Life
Sunday 7/22 Denver, CO: The Denver Post Underground Music Showcase
Monday 7/23 Fort Collins, CO: Gnu Gallery w/ Spray Paint
Tuesday 7/24 Omaha, NE: Farnam House
Wednesday 7/25 Iowa City, IA
Thursday 7/26 Minneapolis, MN: Cause
Friday 7/27 Madison, WI: w/ Slow Loris
Saturday 7/28 Chicago, IL: w/ Geronimo, The Pop Tarts, Melon Boat
Sunday 7/29 Kalamazoo, MI: Milhouse w/ Crash City Saints
Monday 7/30 Detroit, MI: Trumbullplexx w/ Cloud Rat, Esper
Tuesday 7/31 Cleveland, OH: ???
Wednesday 8/1 Pittsburgh, PA: Draw Us Lines Presents (@ Brillobox) w/ Pet Clinic, Legs Like Tree Trunks
Thursday 8/2 DC: ???
Friday 8/3 Brooklyn, NY: Shea Stadium w/ Porches, Mail the Horse
Saturday 8/4 Allston, MA: Wacky Kastle w/ Vegans, Grass is Green, Pile, Fat History Month
Sunday 8/5 New Hampshire
Monday 8/6 Northampton, MA: w/ California X

Friday, June 8, 2012

Jherek Bischoff - Composed

After his giant, collaborative concert in New York this past February, Jherek Bischoff finally completed his giant, collaborative record, and it's damn near perfect. I'd feel ridiculous trying to review this one. Truly, purchase the record. Do it here.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Speedy Ortiz - Sports

Actually quite excited about a brand new release; Speedy Ortiz of Northampton, MA, has just released a new EP, and they'll be visiting California next month to support it. I gushed about this band a bit, back in March, and am pleased with the result of their last few months' work. The Sports EP (yes, with songs named for sports like "basketball," "curling," and "sucking") is somewhat girlier and a touch less grungy than the "Taylor Swift" single released a few months back, but it's just as good, and whereas the aforementioned single reminded quite a bit of the play between Ash Bowie and Mary Timony of Helium, this new release is less about style and more about heartbreak and youth, and about the honesty that's been written. The way bass and guitar crawl alongside each other makes their songs easy to latch onto, and vocalist Sadie Dupuis' tendency to pronounce her letter "r" sort of harshly gives her a charming, approachable style - she's the chick who probably says "dude" a lot and has better taste in everything than you do. Ugh, cue Juno references.

Honestly, though, you should support this band. I received this album for free and I bought a copy anyway.

Speedy Ortiz - Silver Spring (MP3)
Purchase the EP! It's only four bucks to download!

(Edit: June 18: They'll be at the Smell on July 11, and McWorld in Culver City on July 12.)