Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ancient Whales - Birthing

Hullo, there. Here to share a new EP by a trio out of Asheville, North Carolina, Ancient Whales. Their EP is called Birthing, perhaps rather conveniently, so you can refer to the combo of name and title swiftly in one breath as "Ancient Whales Birthing" (la di da, la di da). Tracks like "Everyone" are perhaps worthy of a Mannequin Men comparison, with vocalist Enoch Bledsoe striving toward a Kurt Cobain strain but too upbeat to be labeled quite as such. Generally, in fact, the EP reminds a bit of what Nirvana's poppiest moments had been, and what they might've sounded like with a bit more sunshine. Do they know sadness in North Carolina? I'd hardly imagine.

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