Sunday, March 11, 2012

Speedy Ortiz - Taylor Swift b/w Swim Fan

Got a really good entry in the inbox last week from Massachusetts-based Speedy Ortiz; singer/guitarist Sadie Dupuis wrote in and described her band as one for fans of groups like Polvo, Helium and Pavement, which, of course, I expected to be a loaded statement, since a good number of bands have no idea what they sound like and attempt to spout off names in order to lure people in and let them down. As it turns out, however, Speedy Ortiz reminds quite a bit of Polvo's dirty drumming and simultaneously angular and fuzzed-out guitars, and even more so of Mary Timony-fronted Helium, which shared a guitarist in Polvo's Ash Bowie.

A look back revealed that Speedy Ortiz was previously a lo-fi, minimalist solo project by multi-instrumentalist Dubuis, and her 2011 recordings, the Cop Kicker EP and full-length The Death of Speedy Ortiz, were done quite similarly to, say, the method of Ill Ease's Elizabeth Sharp (though her singing is a bit more, erm, organized than Sharp's). Come 2012, Speedy Ortiz has transformed into a proper female-fronted four-piece; rather than K Records-style, lo-fi indie rock, the full group is making noisy guitar rock, modeled off that earliest phase of math rock that came from the start of the '90s. Dupuis is carefree and mildly mopey in her delivery, as were Timony and Liz Phair seventeen years ago. And it all comes together perfectly. I can't fucking wait for this band to release an LP together.

Keep up with their tour dates at Livejournal. Yes, they are the last people on earth to use a Livejournal account.

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