Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mannequin Men - s/t

About three years ago, I had the chance to see Chicago's Mannequin Men play at the FYF (back when it was still manageable and being held in Echo Park, at that). They were one of the more obscure bands forced to play an early afternoon set to a half-full Echoplex, but nonetheless turned out to be one of the better bands to perform that weekend. I assumed I'd never hear from them again.

As it turns out, however, Mannequin Men have gotten even better, and they released one of 2011's most worthwhile rock albums. I'd hate for this group to disappear without much attention outside of their home base, so give 'em a shot if you're into sad slobby men, beer, and loneliness. Review and samples linked below...

Mannequin Men - Cheryl Tiegs (this one's about batin')
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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adam Ant, you were beautiful in 1993.

And though you've got some Jack Sparrow thing going on with your facial hair, you're in amazing shape today.

And though you've postponed your U.S. tour, you've moved your Los Angeles date from February 2 to...my birthday. I'm so very happy.

Soundcloud is the new My Space.

Fuzzy home recording of the Babies' "Trouble," in promotion of their spankin' new EP of demos from 2010 and 2011, Cry Along with the Babies, released as a 12" on January 24 (and digitally this coming Tuesday). This is what Cassie Ramone does with her time when Katy Goodman's off Tweeting in morse code and the Vivian Girls' various drummers are busy quitting.

The Babies - Trouble by New Images

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Frankie Fuckin' Rose

Frankie Rose. I developed a big stinky ladycrush on you after you abandoned the Dum Dum Girls and released a fine-ass record in 2010. Your tough surf rock, your true Arthur Russell cover, those dreamy little swirlies you drew up and down the proverbial walls with those guitars - the whole lot of it was beautiful. And now you're set to release a new record. So why'd you ditch all that good stuff to make a contribution to the ever-growing pile of 1980s imitations? This fucking '80s revival's been dragging on for what, seven years and counting?

(New record Interstellar gets released February 21 on Slumberland.)

Frankie Rose - Know Me by Slumberland Records

Yay for Orange Juice ripoffs!

Sea Lions - A Cloud by Slumberland Records