Monday, April 25, 2011

Catching up on seven-inch pieces, part two.

...and speaking of 7-inch releases that are at least six months old...

I had the chance to see Cheap Time in Downtown L.A. in March, and as predicted elsewhere, their live set is indeed much tighter and more thrilling than on their most recent record, which had let me down a bit. Also, Jeff Novak has marvelous cheekbones in person. But I digress. Opening for Cheap Time was Dead Meat, a trio from San Francisco by way of Florida who'd fit well on a concert lineup with bands like the Jesus Lizard, the Melvins, Pissed Jeans, and perhaps Tomahawk. The surprise of the night, they were sludgy, consistently hard, and as with all great bands, they've got a marvelous drummer (Robert Pagano).

Anyway, bass player James McNeal was quite nice and handed over a copy of their full-length Early Recordings on cassette when I purchased their 7-inch for "The King," and it's all-around a worthwhile snag. The album and single were released in 2010, and both feature snazzy artwork by Kelly Williams.

After a bit of careful Facebook stalking, I come to find that the guys in this band are younger than I am. Jesus H.

So, that's that and here's this:

1A. The King (MP3)
2A. Electric Head
2B. Rubber Snake (MP3)

Purchase the 7-inch single of "The King" (limited to 500 copies)

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