Monday, April 25, 2011

Catching up on seven-inch pieces, part one.

Hallo there, time to share a few goodies I've picked up at the shops and shows in the last month or two - the most recent Record Store Day of two weekends' past re-ignited a certain enthusiasm that'd been waning in the recent year (so much dance music to sift through, as of late, and it's not my cup of anything, much). So it's time to share what has been tickling my fancy, new or old.

First, the Hives released a 7-inch - Tarred and Feathered - in the summer of 2010, yet it somehow slipped past me (and a load of others, given how little their name's been spoken since Tyrannosaurus Hives) until I happened upon it at a local shop in L.A. Not quite got the energy of their earliest, but it's got three punk covers, and they're not half bad. Come download the second of three:

1A. Civilization's Dying (Zero Boys)
2A. Early Morning Wake Up Call (Flash and the Pan)

No U.S. tour announced thus far, and gee golly, they're a goody live, but they are in Europe this summer, and for a mere 62 Euros (90 USD!), you can purchase one of their fur hats.

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