Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sam Owens...

And then, there are the softer bits, because indie kids like soft bits. This fellow named Sam Owens released his fourth (and apparently first publicly released) record a few months back, How to Build a Clock, and it's sort of a solid singer-songwriter joint from someone who's too whimsical and fancies him too much of a musician's musician to be labeled a mere singer-songwriter. Waltzes and fanciful instrumentation and a voice that sounds frankly like a bored Tony Lowe (Fast Piece of Furniture). Richard Swift fans should be all over this shit.

Purchase How to Build a Clock

And download his Daytrotter session from May 2008, which is significantly more stripped down and was allegedly made possible by way of Craigslist rideshare.

Why the above demonstration of proper peeling? Owens is also an illustrator and designer for hire! Check out his work at

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