Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Celebration came back!

It's beyond me why Celebration isn't better known, or why Katrina Ford isn't given more credit for being the fantastic singer she is. The above was recorded last month, along with a stripped down version of "Pressure" (off the marvelous 2007 album The Modern Tribe), for two.

If stripped down versions aren't your thing, they've finally (finally!) released a new record, Hello Paradise, and they've gone and pulled a Radiohead and offered up the digital version for whatever you'd like to give them. And they've pulled a Radiohead while pulling a Matthew Friedberger, making this the first collection of songs in a series called Electric Tarot. Free streams and/or downloads in full, though they would also appreciate any buyers of the vinyl version.

Celebration - Hello Paradise (link to full album)
(Of note: It sounds nothing like their first two records!)

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