Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Barettas!


Here's a small something from a few ladies out of Ontario - the Canadian one, not the one in California that's home to little but a crap mall. The Barettas sent over a nice note about their blue-collar upbringing in Hamilton, noting the following:

There are no trust funds in Hamilton, so each of us has taken on a couple jobs, usually a combination of cleaning houses during the day, and tending bar at night. The reward, and real purpose for these jobs is that it lets us make music and blow off steam at every other possible opportunity.

And sometimes it's forgotten how hard musicians can work. So, let it be said. Their seven-inch single, "Touche," can be had for free (or, in their words, "for FRRREEEE"), and it's got a nice poppy swing to it, actually reminds me quite a lot of "Trying Too Hard" by Love is All, with an undoubtable Gwen Stefani-circa-1996-vibrato in the vocals. Go stream or download it at Bandcamp.

Sorry. BANDCAMP. And perhaps purchase the thing thereafter ( Canada, at this one shop...hrm...).

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