Friday, February 25, 2011

Deerhoof - Deerhoof Vs. Evil

Well, hallo again. Here's my disappointing verdict of the newest Deerhoof record, released in full last month:

Why disappointing? See, the best part of Deerhoof is their drummer, Greg Saunier. And there's such a tiny little fraction of what could be on this record, with regard to him, and in contrast with every other Deerhoof record. Their range is fantastic as a group, and certainly they're versatile and skilled musicians, but I fear there will never again be another "Flower."

Purchase Deerhoof Vs. Evil

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Celebration came back!

It's beyond me why Celebration isn't better known, or why Katrina Ford isn't given more credit for being the fantastic singer she is. The above was recorded last month, along with a stripped down version of "Pressure" (off the marvelous 2007 album The Modern Tribe), for two.

If stripped down versions aren't your thing, they've finally (finally!) released a new record, Hello Paradise, and they've gone and pulled a Radiohead and offered up the digital version for whatever you'd like to give them. And they've pulled a Radiohead while pulling a Matthew Friedberger, making this the first collection of songs in a series called Electric Tarot. Free streams and/or downloads in full, though they would also appreciate any buyers of the vinyl version.

Celebration - Hello Paradise (link to full album)
(Of note: It sounds nothing like their first two records!)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

...speaking of bands that lost out on Frankie Rose...

Vivian Girls, back when Frankie Rose was their drummer.
See how unhappy they all were?

'tis the season for new albums by '60s girl group-influenced, all-female garage rock bands who used to have Frankie Rose as a drummer. This spring sees new releases by Vivian Girls and Dum Dum Girls (between them, there are, I dunno, like, seven girls), and they're both pretty decent! Some snippets:

A much happier Vivian Girls, with new NEW drummer Fiona Campbell, a replacement for Frankie Rose replacement Ali Koehler, who left to drum for Best Coast, quite possibly the best career move she'll ever make.

(from Share the Joy, out April 12)
They will also be at the Smell in Los Angeles on Feb. 22.

Hey look! It's Frankie again. This time with the more
articulate Dum Dum Girls. Alas, 'twould not be for long.

(from the He Gets Me High EP, out March 1)

It should also be mentioned that Katy Goodman of Vivian Girls - the token redhead (dare I say "the one with the bangs") - has her own side project, La Sera, and her record comes out this Tuesday (!) on Hardly Art. Check her out here.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Barettas!


Here's a small something from a few ladies out of Ontario - the Canadian one, not the one in California that's home to little but a crap mall. The Barettas sent over a nice note about their blue-collar upbringing in Hamilton, noting the following:

There are no trust funds in Hamilton, so each of us has taken on a couple jobs, usually a combination of cleaning houses during the day, and tending bar at night. The reward, and real purpose for these jobs is that it lets us make music and blow off steam at every other possible opportunity.

And sometimes it's forgotten how hard musicians can work. So, let it be said. Their seven-inch single, "Touche," can be had for free (or, in their words, "for FRRREEEE"), and it's got a nice poppy swing to it, actually reminds me quite a lot of "Trying Too Hard" by Love is All, with an undoubtable Gwen Stefani-circa-1996-vibrato in the vocals. Go stream or download it at Bandcamp.

Sorry. BANDCAMP. And perhaps purchase the thing thereafter ( Canada, at this one shop...hrm...).