Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Recording quality like tin cans, in this monthly post.

Hallo, friends. It seems a good time to make a monthly appearance here and post pieces of the wonderful Scion A/V Garage 7" records that've been getting released this year.

This week, they've got a split from reunited Memphis garage band Oblivions and Andre Ethier (former Deadly Snakes frontman, not the - erm - baseball player), and the respectively rough and rootsy qualities of each single provide a good impression of variety for something that only features two tracks.

If you like Andre Ethier, I'd recommend this one, which I listened to quite a bit midway through college. Nice trebly Americana recording (which is apparently now hard to find, save for iTunes and Target, so it seems).

Released earlier in the month was a great split between Cheap Time and Bad Sports. Also not to be missed if you like your music to sound like tin (which I do...hopefully you do, as well).

P.S. Cheap Time is loads of fun - more info on them here.

Oh, and speaking of rad garage rock, the Gories are coming to L.A. next week.

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