Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dead. Dead. Very very dead.

Death is nigh.

Funnily, I'd never given much thought to either of these, except that I'd often run across Mitch Miller's compilations in the vinyl clearance bins and get him momentarily confused with Rolf Harris, the other fellow with the pointy goatee, who is very much still alive, and upon his death, my first thought was, Mitch Miller wasn't already dead?? And as for Hebb, I spent years treating "Sunny" as one of my very favorite songs, having run across it on an unlabeled compilation at one point, never having a clue who'd sung it, only to look him up one day and find out not only his name but that he has some other brilliant stuff to his name. So this is that, and perhaps the biggest admittance of musical ignorance that I've announced to this day. But here are a couple'a songs.

Mitch Miller and the Gang - Silent Night
Why, it's like Christmas in August!

Bobby Hebb - Sunny
This is quite nice as well.

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