Friday, May 14, 2010


Hallo, it's been a while. Trying to get back to this stuff.

On with. The Champagne Socialists (Jihae Simmons Meek, former Royal We, and Wallace Meek – aw, a love story! – formerly of Bricolage) are now called Neverever. And they've got a debut record coming out May 25. Appropriately, they embody the musical stereotypes of '80s Glasgow and '60s Los Angeles: jangly, poppy, sunny, treble-heavy. And they're going on a mini tour of the northeast. How nice.

Some old stuff:
Champagne Socialists - Blue Genes
Bricolage - Lucinda Said

Look for Neverever tour dates and stream their NEW songs! They'll be trotting along the American Northeast in late May, rounding things out with a local show to promote their new record, June 14 at 2 Headed Horse (1770 Glendale Blvd, Echo Park).

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