Saturday, January 9, 2010

Still here...still here...

Happy new year, all.

First up, another bit of brown-nosing in promotion of Song, by Toad Records. Lovely lads Meursault released two new singles via the label last month, complete with appealing artwork and such, and while I'm not too mad about the electronic touches, the band is marvelous when stripped down as simply as possible; "William Henry Miller Part One" is Meursault at their best, then. I'm also not sure I could effectively build on what the Toad himself has sent, so for informational purposes:

The singles each contain a song from Meursault's December 2008 album Pissing on Bonfires/Kissing With Tongues as well as a full version of "William Henry Miller [Parts One and Two]" respectively, re-recorded with new band members Pete Harvey (cello) and Phil Quirie (electric guitar) on board, and with guest vocals from Dan Willson from Withered Hand and Bart Owl from eagleowl.

William Henry Miller himself was a politician in the 1800s, and possibly a hermaphrodite, which may have been related to his desire to be buried face down, forty feet beneath a gigantic mausoleum in Craigentinny.

Meursault - William Henry Miller Part One

Speaking of releases on Song, by Toad Records, he's also got a split 12” with Loch Lomond and the Builders and the Butchers, the latter of whom are a Portland-based folk rock band, set to perform at Spaceland in Los Angeles on January 14.

Loch Lomond – Field Report
The Builders and the Butchers – Vampire Lake (unfashionably late to that bandwagon, I see)
Purchase all of the above.


In less fortunate news, I learned from a friend that Lhasa de Sela passed away from breast cancer at 37 once the new year began. If you haven't heard any of her records, she was a tremendous talent who got better and better with every release, a folk singer of several languages. Her last, Lhasa, was brilliant, not to mention worth a few tears. The record was devastating for its lyrics of lost love, but even more so once realized that she wrote and recorded these songs while ill, knowing that the record might have been her last, and that lyrics to songs like "I'm Going In" were actually more to do with death than initially thought.

Press release posted to her MySpace page, here.


And to end this post with a sandwich heel of happiness, download the new Will Stratton song here:
Will Stratton - Bluebells (left click or else!)

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