Monday, December 21, 2009

Pylon - Chomp More

This re-release comes in time for cross-promotion with the October release of Vanessa Briscoe Hay’s more recent project, the release Waves by Supercluster [note: she still has a punkish, girly snarl, even at 54]. And, perhaps not so timely, less than a year after the death of Pylon’s guitarist Randy Bewley.

Just as DFA released a remastered version of Pylon’s 1980 record, Gyrate [Gyrate Plus] we’re now given a remastered take on their follow-up, 1983’s Chomp. The angular bass, jangly guitar and minimal, post-punk style drumming still hold up in the way that perhaps Delta 5 (arguably one of their English counterparts) holds up, in the sense that they don’t sound dated because they truly wrote cleaner, better songs than most of those who’ve attempted to imitate them in recent years.

There are also four bonus tracks, including a version of “Yo-Yo” that’s got the pitch of Briscoe’s vocals shifted down to the territory of man, and the almost-industrial sounding “Four Minutes,” which has the rhythm of “Beep” but, erm, also brought down in pitch.

Pylon – Altitude
Pylon – Crazy (single version)
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Chanukah!

While this is a forum for promoting music, a few words should be said about this “health care reform” that's attempting to make its way through the Senate at present. Thus far, the Senate has dropped the option of a government-run health plan, scrapped the proposed option to allow 55-64-year olds to buy into Medicare (thanks, Lieberman), and the House and Senate can't agree on whether public funds ought to be used to subsidize abortion. So where's the reform? Creating an insurance mandate without capping the cost of private insurance or preventing rescission will only put more money in the pockets of private insurers. If we can afford to buy said insurance, anyway. And subsidizing coverage for those who can't afford the full cost seems a waste when subsidies would cover amounts up to 88% for individuals making up to $43,320 a year – this would amount to quite a few people receiving assistance, when said subsidies could instead be pooled into, yes, a public health fund. According to this side-by-side comparison, the Senate bill would allow individuals without coverage to be fined $750 in 2016 for not purchasing coverage, while the House bill would end CHIP and instead create new subsidies for kids to receive private insurance. Really, now – is this reform bill even worth passing?

Mark Fox - Diary of an Unborn Child
(This ought to teach those "pro-abortion" bastards in the Senate!)

Another goodie from Mark Fox, just because.


In happier, music-related news, Gang of Four is releasing a new record and touring the world next year!

Gang of Four - Return the Gift

And Amy Winehouse's 13-year old goddaughter is pretty damn decent.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh my jesus




I'm breaking out of this monthlong blogging rut to say that the Strange Boys will be touring with (the very grand, chatty, Ian Svenonius-fronted) Chain and the Gang in early 2010. Woohoo! And if you are lucky enough to live in San Francisco, you get them, and them, and Ty Segall, too! Lucky bastards.


Fri, Feb 19th - Austin @ Emo's
Sun, Feb 21 - Marfa TX @ Padre's
Tues, Feb 23 - Phoenix, AZ @ Trunk Space
Wed, Feb 24 - San Diego, CA @ Casbah
Thurs, Feb 25 - Isla Vista, CA @ Biko Garage
Fri, Feb 26 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
Sat, Fat 27 - San Francisco CA @ Elbo Room
Sun, Feb 28 - Reno, Nevada @ Rainshadow Community Charter High School
Tues, March 2 - Salem, OR @ The Space
Wed, March 3 - Olympia, WA @ Northern
Thurs, March 4 - Seattle WA @ Comet Tavern
Fri, March 5 - Vancouver BC @ Media Club
Sat, March 6 - Portland OR @ East End