Monday, November 2, 2009

Meursault and Jesus H. Foxx...not coming to a town near you!

There's nothing more enjoyable than promoting a live show by a band that'll never come to your own part of town, so I'd like to take this moment to inform of this launch party business that's taking place this coming Saturday for those who happen to live somewhere in the vicinity of Edinburgh, Scotland.

See, this Matthew fellow, who's been maintaining Song, By Toad for what seems ages, has got a record label up and running, and it's actually got a decent little roster these days. And if you've yet to visit the Toad's site, he's been
championing Meursault since they released Pissing on Bonfires/Kissing with Tongues prior to joining his Song, by Toad label (and, in fact, before there was such a label – so dedicated a fan, he is).

Earlier this year, then, Meursault (now the apparent core of Song, by Toad Records) released the Nothing Broke EP, which I actually found to be even better than Pissing on Bonfires, as it's a simple, acoustic EP free of any electronic distractions, and every song reminds of the Waterboys' cover of Van Morrison's “Sweet Thing,” which is really about as divine as anything. So I suppose this makes Nothing Broke rather divine by association – similar to the live Toad sessions from Pissing on Bonfires that were made some time ago. Probably due to the un-ironic use of ukelele, I think.

Anyway, all that said, this launch party is for a cluster of new singles by Meursault, a couple of which can be found on last year's Pissing with Bonfires and a couple of which are alternate versions of songs found on Nothing Broke. Also playing are Jesus H. Foxx, who're also on the Song, by Toad label and – hey! – released an EP earlier this fall. Have a good listen to Matter, with its wayward vocals (I like to think of them as a lazy eye, but sung, and not uncomfortable), unconventional, doubled-up percussion and math-light guitars. Matthew describes them as “guitary” but this really isn't so. He does like all things soft, I guess. But his bands are awfully decent. So have a listen, support the records, and if you live near the Bowery at 2 Roxburgh Place, wherever that is, have a live go!
(Nov. 7 at 7:30pm)

Meursault - Nothing Broke
Jesus H. Foxx - Elegy For the Good Times
Buy every applicable record here.


Matthew said...

Hey China, thanks for this. The release went really well - we sold out the venue and sold loads of vinyl (and loads of pretty much everything else, actually). Now the lads go off on tour and I go back to my bed...

China said...

That makes me happy to hear! Now, if only you could get them to tour the U.S....