Friday, November 13, 2009

It's about time for another annual Greg Ashley gushfest.

Dear friends, the deal is this:

This past Wednesday evening, Greg Ashley took a seat onstage at Spaceland, in what was - I do believe - his first return to Los Angeles since F Yeah Fest 2007. He was there to support the Dutchess and the Duke, which was fine and all, and he even did a fine job acting as their token percussionist/stage wino, which was also fine. Fine. So, during his set, he picks up a nice nylon string and plays a few old songs. But "Song from Limestone County" isn't enough to shut up the noisy bastards all around the bar, so he picks up the Dutchess' electric and plays a couple of instrumentals from his new record, which is apparently due in early 2010 - they're like these elegantly played, solo classical compositions, except he's clearly angry that no one's listening to him play, so he's playing these nice classical compositions with a look of spite on his face and saying, in his own polite way, "Goddamn it, listen to me." He's a gentleman, see, and one who plays damn well at that. After a couple rounds of electric instrumentals, he plugs his nylon back in and plays versions of "Sailing with Bobby" and "Fisher King" that sound far nicer than they had on Painted Garden, among a few others, and then politely but perhaps passive-aggressively requests to unplug his guitar when the time comes to leave the stage. Greg Ashley is my hero.

All that said, he is continuing to tour with the Dutchess and the Duke through next month, and you should see him play, because he deserves better treatment than he's been given in L.A. Also, you should buy his records.

The Mirrors - The Trip
The Gris Gris - Ecks Em Eye
The Gris Gris - Everytime
Greg Ashley - I said, "These are lonely days"
Greg Ashley - Won't Be Long
Buy every single record with which he's affiliated here.
Go see him play with the Dutchess and the Duke (tour dates and more record purchase options here.)

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