Monday, September 7, 2009

FYF (The Fest Formerly Known As Fuck Yeah!) 2009. September 5, 2009. Los Angeles, CA.

Things that were lame about this year's FYF:
1. Resorting to hot dogs and $3 bottled water due to a lack of options.
2. The ridiculous supply of ironic sunglasses.
3. Breathing in air from downtown LA's not-quite-blue sky and kicking up dust clouds.

Things that were not lame about this year's FYF:
1. Realizing around 7pm that you were absolutely starving and that this kosher piece of meat was the best fucking hot dog you've ever eaten.
2. The cover of Dead Moon's "Walking on My Grave" coming from the Redwood Stage right around hot dog time.
3. All the nice people who were surprisingly polite while wearing said ironic sunglasses.
4. Seeing Black Lips watch the Carbonas' set from the audience.
5. Finally having a full day's worth of garage rock to bounce along to. FYF = NOT LAME!


Crystal Antlers:


Mika Miko:

The Thermals (including new hipster-beautiful drummer Westin Glass)




travis said...

Mmmmmm Lucero.

Also, did you know Westin of the Thermals when you lived in Washington? He was a friend of mine in Seattle long ago.

China said...

Oh lordy, when I was watching Lucero, all I could think about was how you used to gush about gruff men in a non-homosexual way. Please move back to LA soon.

I had no idea you knew Westin! I never met him; I just think he's super pretty. How'd you know him?