Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Too much crap to take in at once.

These days, California's busy dying a slow, conservative death – in two consecutive weeks, we managed to prevent the passing of Propositions 1A and 1B, which would have (respectively) partially closed our budget gap and allowed public education funding to prevent teacher layoffs, and we upheld Proposition 8, which will hopefully get a new ballot initiative in 2010. Also, Obama's presence is being protested in Los Angeles at this very moment in the name of unreleased torture photos. What's right in California, then?

Just the sunshine, I guess. But elsewhere in the world, there's new music to gush about. So...

Two bits of fabulous news from FatCat; first, a brand new Tom Brosseau record, Posthumous Success, will be released in the US on June 23, and you can stream it to your heart's content here. Brosseau gets better with every release, and this one's just as well – lovely old-time folk from a semi-local who loves Camus. If only every folk singer were a semi-local who loved Camus.

Second, great Scots the Twilight Sad (to be announced with a swoon and a sigh) finally have a new LP in the works, the now-mastered Forget the Night Ahead, set for a September 21 release. There's already a track up for stream, “Reflection of the Television,” on their MySpace page, and it's an even drearier wall of noise than all previously-released tracks they've come out with. Simply perfect. Vocalist James Graham has got a gorgeous voice with which to top it, to boot. I will champion this band to anyone's death.

The Twilight Sad - Reflection of the Television

In Echo and the Bunnymen news, that brilliant 1984 record Ocean Rain, which they'd performed live on a few occasions in 2008, is receiving some opportunity. First, a signed copy of the record is being taken into space next month! Next, a live performance of the album from their November 27 show at the Liverpool Echo Arena is being established as part of a deluxe Ocean Rain box set available May 30, and the first 1000 copies ordered will be signed personally by Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant. Only about thirty pounds!

There's this pleasant band out of England called Pushboxer, and in the last few months they've released a single for “Pictures,” featuring “Water” as a b-side. Likely for fans of the National and possibly for fans of the Twilight Sad. I'd be a jerk to give you a downloadable song when there are only two on the CD to buy, but you can check out a demo from spring 2008 prior to tracking down their new single.

Pushboxer - When I Say More I Mean It (demo)

What else, what else? New Oneida to download and – as of July 7 – purchase (in the form of a triple album)!

Oneida - I Will Haunt You
Oneida - Saturday
Oneida - What's Up, Jackal?

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