Sunday, May 3, 2009

Commie Talk.

This is sort of cheating the medium by emphasizing the most musical event taking place at a venue not known for music, but this is to say that there will be an open mic night at Libros Revolucion, the kinda sorta Communist bookshop in downtown Los Angeles that serves as a counterpart to New York's Revolution Books. While you, reader, may not be of a politically liberal (let alone ultra-leftist) mindset, it's sort of important to have places like this, an alternative option where you can find all sorts of Marxist literature and copies of the weekly Revolution newspaper and biographies of Black Panthers, because there's a lot of passion lacking in Los Angeles, and this shop is proof that - however skeptical you may be - there still exist people who study and perhaps pursue social causes. Sometimes we get comfortable and forget that there still exist people who aren't, and it's for them that said causes are worth pursuing.

That said, the shop is also volunteer-run, has existed for several decades on the same dingy block of W. 8th Street, downtown, and needs to drum up business in order to keep going. If crappy poetry and folk aren't your thing, they've also got regular events taking place, such as upcoming talks on evolution and Darwinism, and a discussion on a Revolution newspaper series by Revolutionary Communist Party Chairman Bob Avakian. Learn more on their website.

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