Monday, February 9, 2009

Things to watch.

So there are these Danish fellows, Mimas, and their brilliant video for "Cats on Fire" is rather like a brief episode of Sifl and Olly, had the show been directed by SJ Esau. Also, there is some lovely rolling of the drum and a bit of a post-rock temper tantrum (seeing as, yes, this is a music video). I like it quite a lot, and hopefully you do as well. You can e-stalk Mimas by reading their blog, wondering how to get to Europe while streaming their music on MySpace, and checking the Distile Records website until their record The Worries is released.

Order The Worries in Euros here after February 23.

Mimas - Cats on Fire (mp3)

...sweet Jesus, there's more! posted an entire hour's worth of a live Constantines concert from December at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, and you can watch it, track by track! Gaaa!! They remain one of the most perfect rock bands around, simply a dream. Watch Bryan Webb start to lose some of the gravel in his voice a mere song in.

Watch the full concert at

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