Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What's my stance? You know, I like to dance.

Aaaagggghhh!! Real, true, exciting (and really truly exciting) music news to report - Ian Svenonius has a new band! The Great Lispy One, formerly of Nation of Ulysses, the Make-Up, Scene Creamers/Weird War, author of this fine, pink-wrapped book, and host of Soft Focus, is now fronting Chain and the Gang. Three facts about Chain and the Gang:

1. They have a record called Down with Liberty...Up with Chains! It'll be out on March 9 on K Records.

2. They will be touring this spring! This includes a May 22 date at the Smell in Los Angeles.

3. You can sample the hell out of Down with Liberty on the K Records website. It's already far better than the last couple of Weird War efforts...

Join me on an Ian Svenonius geek-out!

The Make-Up - Hey Joe
The Make-Up - Drop the Needle
The Make-Up - Grey Motorcycle
Scene Creamers - Elfin Orphan

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