Thursday, January 15, 2009

60 Minutes over 90 years equals...a whole bunch of minutes.

The unfortunate thing about keeping yourself occupied is that you do silly things like forget Andy Rooney's birthday. As of yesterday, ol' Rooney is 90 years old. Happy Birthday, Andy! May your drawers contain less clutter than they did on your last birthday. pun intended.

Anyway, in more musically relevant news, Mission of Burma released a 5-song EP on January 6, available only via Rhapsody in MP3 format. It's called - hey! - the Rhapsody Originals EP, and it's got a really bleedin' good live tracklisting:

1. Careening with Conviction (The Obliterati)
2. Devotion (Signals, Calls and Marches Definitive Edition)
3. This is Not a Photograph (Signals, Calls and Marches)
4. Spider's Web (The Obliterati)
5. Academy Fight Song (Signals, Calls and Marches)

You can stream the EP for free, or better yet, purchase it, here.

For...ah...reference points only:

Mission of Burma - Academy Fight Song
Mission of Burma - This is Not a Photograph

In somewhat related news, two reissues by the Volcano Suns, a side-ish project that included Mission of Burma's absolutely brilliant drummer, Peter Prescott, are coming out January 27 on Merge. They are 1985's The Bright Orange Years and 1986's All Night Lotus Party, and it's their first time on CD. Spend money on one or both here.

Oh! And as for perhaps the best news of all, the Gris Gris, now-defunct-but-otherwise-perfect psych rock band from Oakland, has a live record to offer as of January 26. If you never had a chance to see the Gris Gris live while they existed, they were a hell of a live band - Greg Ashley propped in a chair with his head down until it came time to shove his guitar up into the speakers for endless miles of feedback, mid-audience floor performances, and (if you were lucky) the token kid in a mod suit screaming along to "Necessary Separation."

Live at the Creamery is not yet on the Birdman Records website but, like all other Gris Gris records, is currently available for pre-order here.

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