Monday, December 29, 2008

Crap I Liked in 2008 - Scottish People

A few months back I briefly mentioned Orzelda, the side project of Twilight Sad bassist Craig Orzel; in June, Orzel released The Wee Shop is Filled with Delights, which you can download from this page and then purchase in print for a mere four pounds. Also on this page, however, is an experimental Christmas EP of sorts that Orzel posted on Christmas day, available for free download as well. It's a present! How kind. Possibly for fans of the first Decomposure record, not so much for fans of the Twilight Sad.

Orzelda – My Dress Up (.zip)

Orzelda – The Wee Shop is Filled with Delights (.zip

Speaking of the Twilight Sad, one of my favorite bands to come from the UK in the last couple of years, FatCat released their The Twilight Sad Killed My Parents and Hit the Road on December 8. It's full of covers and live versions of pre-existing tracks, and was meant to help fund their recent tour with Mogwai. The whole thing is presently available for purchase or free stream at the FatCat website
, and sweet Jesus, what Andy MacFarlane does with his guitar on a ridiculously thick version of Joy Division's “Twenty Four Hours!” How sweet and sparse, their cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' “Modern Romance,” highlighting James Graham's boyish brogue. The colorful tones of MacFarlane's Jaguar strings, ringing clearly like beautiful bells on a live version of “And She Would Darken the Memory,” so much less foggy than the heavily distorted version previously appearing on record. This song alone is worth the record's purchase price. Go!

In the late summer, Matthew of Song, by Toad semi-fame conducted a Toad Session at home with handsome gents Meursault, and the results were absolutely lovely. You can download the acoustic session in full or as single tracks here
. I recommend “Pissing on Bonfires/Kissing with Tongues.” Not coincidentally, Matthew started up Song, by Toad Records this year and since has made available an album by Meursault of the same title. Available for purchase here, as are a couple of free downloads.

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