Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Crap I Liked in 2008 - Old Men

Hugh Cornwell
(1/26 at El Rey Theatre, LA)

The Jam
(1/26 at El Rey Theatre, LA)
The Jam - All Around the World

Ray Davies
(3/29 at Wiltern Theater, LA)
Ray Davies - Vietnam Cowboys

Stiff Little Fingers
(5/2 at House of Blues Sunset Strip, LA)
Stiff Little Fingers - You Can't Say Crap on the Radio

Nada Surf
(9/5 at the Troubadour, LA)
Nada Surf - Your Legs Grow

Echo and the Bunnymen
(10/1 at Radio City Music Hall, NYC)


FiL said...

Er, is it just me, or does Bruce Foxton look like a transvestite? Mrs Doubtfire, maybe? And Hugh Cornwall smacks of Colonel Tigh from Battlestar Galactica.

Jeezo, two days into 2009 and methinks I need to get my prescription increased...

Happy New Year!!

China said...

He does look a bit...erm...doe-eyed, I suppose. Just like Mrs. Doubtfire.

But Hugh, oh, he's still got it. I used this photo to play up his oldness (see neck) but he's sort of handsome (for a 58-year old) in these:

At least, I was swooning a little at that show. Sort of. Happy New Year to you as well, Fil!

Anonymous said...

I saw Echo and the Bunnymen several years ago and they were so fun.