Friday, November 21, 2008

The (International) Noise Conspiracy at the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts. November 14, 2008.

Despite their compromises, every visit to Los Angeles made by the (International) Noise Conspiracy seems to find its gaps filled by lively shows at intimate venues, the way they're meant to be seen. And for all my gripes this time around, the band supplemented its label obligation with headlining shows at El Cid and the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts.

The night of the latter, we got all squished and cozy up in front of that stage, barely a foot high. The band played a loud version of “Smash it Up” and gave a performance of “A Body Treatise” slightly less raunchy than on the previous night. People up front knew every word of every song – save for the new ones, of course – and it was sort of terrifying to see how intensely some followed along, though I suppose for this reason it's rather handy that (I)NC's given up on “Communist Moon” for the meantime.

In any case, this set made up for the night before on a number of levels; for one, it was bluntly stated that the band rarely plays old songs – not because they don't believe in them – but because they've forgotten how to play them. That, and they'd rather move forward (though, really, they've probably just forgotten how to play the old songs). Excused. And when they're headlining an intimate space, even the more recent tracks, those that lack the same fire as the old, develop a fury that can't be replicated on record. On top of the fact, it was great to see band members walking around and interacting with their fans (prior to putting on those flashy purple suits, natch), watching the smaller names before them, dancing to music between sets and above all else proving that they're good enough for a greater setting but are by no means above anything less. This group of men – to this day, they may be one of the best live rock bands in the world.

P.S. Even Swedes understand the joke of L.A. suburbs - upon declaring that they were "happy to be here in Eagle Rock," Dennis Lyxzen giggled a little and said "good times."

P.P.S. Also check out fanfuckingtastic opener Slang Chickens, who'll be at the Echo in Echo Park on December 14. They're essentially cowpunkers, one of whom makes some vicious noise with a banjo (best suited to fans of Gun Club-style punk).

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