Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Mojomatics - Don't Pretend That You Know Me

Further proof that the Swedish accent is like the Italian accent with a greater emphasis on the letter “r,” it's...the Mojomatics!

The Mojomatics were another unexpected surprise; a chunk stolen from each of numerous trends from the last few years – mod suits, garage rock, blues influence – and they're a reminder of why the so-called “garage rock phase” from six years ago was a welcome break from all the other garbage that hit mainstream music, as well as a reminder of why plain, oft-plagiarized rock 'n roll is the most fun genre there is.

They're Italian, the self-proclaimed “two men band,” apparently making no reference to a third member they've supposedly tacked on, and they sound quite like onetime tour mates the (International) Noise Conspiracy from the point during (I)NC's career at which most of their fans admitted to being fans (ah – that would be the early phase, approximately 1999-2001).

At their fastest they've nearly got the energy of the Beautiful New Born Children (who I'll shamelessly plug as a band that should have been better known), and in their closest approximation of American rootsiness sound, frankly, too excited to be Yanks. In a good way, obviously.

Their third record in six years, Don't Pretend That You Know Me, has got guitar rolling at full speed (“Wait a While”), handclaps (“Miss Me When I'm Gone”) and a solid imitation of that other Swedish garage group, Randy (“Clean My Sins”). Not the least bit original, but 100% exciting!

The Mojomatics – Wait a While
The Mojomatics – Winter Got No Eyes
Purchase Don't Pretend That You Know Me (Available 9.23.08)

Reference Points:

Randy – A Man in Uniform
The (International) Noise Conspiracy – Sleeping Pills
The Beautiful New Born Children – Do the Do

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