Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Christ, just go to the thing.


Anonymous said...

I like the Parson Red Heads...

I'm also too drunk and lazy to sign into my Blooger identity. But come visit China!

Wait a minute... I think I heard that you were moving to San Francisco? Is this true! (Please don't report me to the punctuation police)

I only ask because I'm the East Bay as we speak.

Yours Truly,
Stephen Somerville

China said...

You? Drunk and/or lazy? I can hardly imagine.

Who said I'm moving to San Francisco? This isn't true. I'm there at this very moment, but after getting into a fistfight with the wind while walking up a hill, I decided that this probably isn't the place for me. Though I do think you should pay a visit to Stella Pastry on Columbus Ave and have the best cannoli of your life. Where do you officially live these days?