Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Three cheers for the Pacific Northwest! (Part One)

Well, shit. The new Dead Science record, Villainaire, is set to come out in early September, and after releasing a gorgeous 7-inch last spring (Throne of Blood/The Duel of Iron Mike), the group's let a brand new track leak out. What's to say about "Make Mine Marvel?"

Holy Jesus. Between this and "Throne of Blood," the full-length's opener, Villainaire is shaping up to be the most pop record the band's released yet, but perhaps the most dramatic, interesting and creative as well. Quite an exciting time, all three minutes and thirty-six seconds of this one. It simply screams "Batman," if nothing else.

This band is so ridiculously dashing on the whole, I can't contain myself. Read more about what's to come by clicking the WOW. Katrina Ford and Craig Wedren apparently make guest appearances on the record.

The Dead Science - Make Mine Marvel

Hear a remix of "Make Mine Marvel" as well as "Throne of Blood" plus mo'


Anonymous said...

part one? Where's the pt 2?

China said...

Why, that comes next, of course.

FiL said...

Woah, that bears several listens, for sure! Thanks!!