Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jeff Hanson, streaming fo' free.

What lovely news. The third Jeff Hanson record, Madam Owl, is finally being released on August 19 via Kill Rock Stars, and yes, it's chock full of clean hippie goodness, effeminate vocals and simple but beautiful acoustic chords. The above banner will allow you to stream the whole record prior to its release.

"Your Only Son" is a gorgeous standout, and "Nothing Would Matter at All" is a wonderfully paced example of what happens when folk meets baroque. Oddly enough, after having a listen I'm unsure of why "If I Only Knew" is being "marketed" first, as it's relatively accessible pop from a full band, not as interesting as the more stripped down songs here. But on the whole, the record is something with which to be smitten, as is the case with Hanson's previous two records.

Pre-order Madam Owl


Purchase Jeff Hanson (my personal favorite)
(Download "This Time it Will" MP3 here)

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(Download "Just Like Me" MP3 here)

*Jeff Hanson will be at Pehrspace in Echo Park on September 20.


Travis said...

Oh snap, thats what i gety for not checking your blog in the last week. I couldve listened to this all weekend long!

Been looking forward to this album for so freaking long. He was promising a new album back when I saw him live in late 2005.

After listening to one song, it certainly seems worth the wait.

China said...

Damn straight! I still like his second album best, but this one's worth buying. I went digging around YouTube for videos and realized I missed an L.A. show of his last year. Pooh.