Thursday, June 12, 2008

Junk? I got some junk for ya!

Hello, all. There are some marvelous musical things taking place in the coming month or so, and I'd like to point a finger in the direction of each while I've got the space.

First, if you happen to live somewhere near Edinburgh (lucky bastards, you are), the above flyer applies to a launch party for Song, by Toad Records, new pet project of Mr. Toad (of course), author of the marvelous music blog of the same name. He'll cringe if you whinge (god help me if I ever use British English in proper context), so show up early enough to snag a free sampler, as the number available is apparently rather limited.

If you, like I, happen to reside in Los Angeles, there's a ridiculously wonderful opportunity to see some great free shows at the California Plaza, located downtown in an open space off the corner of Grand Avenue and 3rd Street. The summer schedule in full is located here, but highlights of my suggesting include Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 (June 20), who will be at the El Rey the next night, The Real Tuesday Weld (July 18), who otherwise never travels to these parts, and Waldemar Bastos (July 19) who's just really fucking good.

On a side note, as of yesterday, this is my perhaps my favorite homemade music video to hit YouTube:


Matthew said...

Christ I'm hungover, but that was really rather fun!

China said...

I can only imagine. Did the number of attendees well exceed the number of giveaway samplers?

Anonymous said...

Completely. They were gone before the second band started. By the time the final band came on stage it was just a little too full to be comfortable, but it thinned a little during that set because anyone going back to Glasgow had to run and catch their train. The turnout was amazing though, which was an enormous relief.