Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gavin Rossdale - Wanderlust

Fucking shit.

Gavin Rossdale once boasted higher fame than the woman listed in the lining of his solo debut, the very Gwen Rossdale who coaxed him out of the London clouds and into West Hollywood. Is this what Los Angeles creates, then? A tennis-playing friend of Brangelina who poses in unbuttoned shirts next to classic cars and open roads, spewing forth clich├ęs like “there may be rocks in the water but still the river flows,” or “everything will change but love remains?”

When did this dark, grungy, Ginsberg-loving guitarist melt into a rock balladeer fit for the VH1 of 1998?

For what it's worth, something resembling post-Bush project Institute might be found in tracks like “If You're Not with Us You Are Against Us” and “This is Happiness,” though Bush-era Gavin wouldn't have been caught dead leading a U2-style chorus or joining vocal forces with Katy Perry. And he certainly wouldn't have attempted to mimic Sting for the “worldly” sound of a song like “Future World.”

I can forgive a man who's grown out of abstract poetry and thrown a shit minute of preachy vocorder chant into the hidden track slot, but I can't forgive a man who, beneath an overproduced wall of guitar, sees sense in “hamburgers so that we stay alive/but happy meals mean something died.” My thirteen-year crush has ended.

Why bother posting MP3s? Universal's gonna tear the shit down. Have a limited listen instead.


Travis said...

that is so rough. man, how horrible.

China said...

What, my meanness or his music? I'm pretty damn bitter.

Funnily enough, my mom called me at work yesterday just to tell me that his new song was being played on KBIG. I nearly wept!

Travis said...

hey, kbig is awesome. don't knock it. I listened to that radio station every day until I was 9. Explains a lot, ay?

ANd no - I meant how rough in regards to Gavin, not you. You were perfectly harsh. Why you didnt call his wife a whore is beyond me, but I can approve of the rest of the posting.

China said...

KBIG ----> emo future. Yep.

Dislike her as I might, Gwen's no whore - Gavin, on the other hand, has a love child with whom he's dropped contact since it was revealed that he was the biological father. Hrm.