Monday, May 26, 2008

Kevin Schneider needs a new boot!

This is Kevin Schneider, touring keyboardist and bass player for Shearwater:
This is Kevin's right boot:

As you can see, Kevin needs a new boot. He claims that it was chewed by a dog, but it looks rather like someone's got a kickball addiction to 'fess up to. Regardless, you can help Kevin buy a new boot (or two) by seeing Shearwater on one of their remaining summer tour dates.

On an unrelated note, I learned via Heart on a Stick that Al Green's got a new record, Lay it Down, produced by ?uestlove. You should pay a visit to Heart on a Stick and download a really lovely duet between Green and Corinne Bailey Rae, "Take Your Time," prior to purchasing Lay it Down when it releases tomorrow. Judging from the stream samples on Amazon, this is one helluva throwback to old Al. Yum-o!


hmc1410 said...

If that really is Kevin's foot, then he needs new boots even more than you know because those are Jonathan Meiburg's boots --

China said...

!Those boots are famous!

It's funny you mention that, actually - I looked at Jonathan's feet, and he and Kevin were wearing matching boots, the only difference being that Kevin's righty had that big gaping hole. I asked Kevin what had happened to his right boot, and he mentioned that it was Jonathan's dog who'd chewed it up, so perhaps he was indeed borrowing those boots. In which case, damn, he needs new footwear.