Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bread, art, and Marco Mahler.

A bit of time has passed since last post; please forgive the fact and pretend that I've been busy observing Passover, as figuring out a menu of breadless items requires quite some time spent thinking and planning. Next month will bring several sets of live photos in an attempt to compensate for the lack of updates.

In the meantime, I shall point you in the direction of website Indie Rock Reviews, which has (at least) two offers worth entertaining at present.

1. A contest involving art and Tokyo Police Club. Regarding ultra-hip dance bands who've been referenced on Gilmore Girls, Tokyo Police Club are quite a blast, actually, and Indie Rock Reviews has a contest in place which requires you, faithful fan, to create an artwork of some sort that visually involves the band, so that you may earn a shot at winning "one copy of TPC's 'Elephant Shell' on vinyl, one poster, buttons and stickers," though the editor here notes that "if we find anything else lying around we will throw it in the package as well." Contest runs from now until May 21.

2. Also on this site is easy access to weekly album downloads. This week's available album: Designs in Quick Rotation, last year's excellent record by Marco Mahler. If you missed out on the record last year, have a listen now, and then make up for your shame by running off to buy a copy. Because it's wonderful.

Marco Mahler - Designs in Quick Rotation

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