Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Holy Jesus. 1993 is back!

Guess who's touring this summer?! Ahh!!


theneedledrop said...

Hahahahahah! I had the EP with that song on it before they were forced to stop using the name "Green Jello."

Eh, I didn't listen to it too much, and I got a few bucks for it on Amazon.

China said...

You sold it? Real shame. I guess they're probably less entertaining on record than...ah...on video, though. When I was nine, I used to watch a lot of MTV, and I thought this video was amusing as all hell.

FiL said...

Oh my. Oh dear. Has it really come to this??

But The Adverts, now THAT'S a different & delicious bowl of jelly. BTW, have you heard Armitage Shank's lovely version of One Chord Wonders?

China said...

Truthfully, I would give a limb to see an Adverts reunion and...wouldn't to see Green Jelly. Sadly, the gods are not looking to answer my wishes.

I have not heard this Armitage Shanks cover! They're great, I bet it's amazing. Do you happen to have that one on hand? (wink)

FiL said...

Oh, I might. Lemme see what I can do... (nudge nudge)