Friday, February 8, 2008

Between this and an abundance of taco trucks, L.A. isn't so bad.

The Henry Clay People rocked off many socks during their first night of a month-long residency at the Echo last Monday. See 'em if you haven't! The upcoming Monday will be an all-covers night, and if they aren't temporarily replaced by a foursome of Ronald Reagans, they may perhaps use the opportunity to do a full night of Op Ivy covers. And...erm...if you don't like covers, there'll be a couple of additional nights to see them this month.

The Henry Clay People - Working Part Time
Pre-order the "Working Part Time" 7-inch.
Stream more new songs and check their (LA-friendly) tour schedule on MySpace.

P.S. There are in fact two more band members. However, thanks to the limitations of technology and talent, the photos published on this site only represent a fraction of the failed efforts that don't make the cut. In other words, apologies to bassist Noah Green and drummer Eric Scott for the lack of visual representation here - there will certainly be a next time. Sigh.

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