Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Goodtimes Goodtimes!

Solo act Goodtimes Goodtimes brought himself to my attention, and in fact turned out to be a quality singer-songwriter who is, somehow, still unsigned. That Francesco Cinelli is an Italian living in London is an odd fact, given that his voice and style epitomize American folk – there's a lot of Bob Dylan in him, even when you don't have a visual to go off, though Cinelli cites an influence in Italian folk singer Lucio Battisti (who, in his own right, looked to be quite a good time - look here and here for reference). According to his artist blog, though, he has “vague memories of my older brother giving me a tape of Highway 61 Revisited on the bus to school to listen to on my walkman, more than anything I think it was just a way for me to zip it and sit quietly on the way to school.”

In any case, Cinelli seems a charming sort of fellow, coming across in his writing and his personal correspondence as someone enthusiastic about music and the community around it. His record from last fall, Glue, is just as easy to market as a contemporary acoustic pop record as a nostalgic folk album, and his lyrics are simple and sweet, sure to please those fans of either category. Cinelli's best at his most simple, like with “Sea Shanty” and “Glue,” where his backing instruments don't overpower his '60s style picking and throaty croon. As for the name, the singer wrote and claimed that his writer's pseudonym is meant to distance the writer from the characters in song, so presumably, he hopes that you receive his music as a collection of fictional stories rather than personal anecdotes. Lovely all around, though he'd be even lovelier if he dropped the stage name (damn those good times!) and made use of the elegant title his mamma gave him.

Watch Goodtimes Goodtimes TV.
Listen to a large chunk of Glue on MySpace.
Purchase Glue from the Goodtimes Goodtimes website.

Goodtimes Goodtimes - Sea Shanty
Goodtimes Goodtimes - Desire
Goodtimes Goodtimes - Kids

January 18th
The Perseverance (9pm)
11 Shroton Street, Marleybone London NW1 6UG

January 19th
1001 Cafe (3PM)
1 Dray Walk, 91 Brick Lane, London. E1 6JE

January 20th
The Filthy MacNastys (8PM)
68 Amwell street, Angel. London EC1

January 20th
The Dog House (10PM)
293 Kennington Road, SE11

February 1st
The Windmill
22 Blenheim Gardens Brixton, SW2 5BZ

February 23st
The Living Room (9pm)
154 Ludlow St. New York, NY 10002

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