Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Not a friggin' bargain!

A few months back I commented on the excellent exhibit of punk photography at the Shooting Gallery, which had included a collection of famous photographs with subjects ranging from Andy Warhol to Patti Smith to Iggy Pop. At present, the Shooting Gallery has a similar exhibit up called “The Outlaws” which collects works by two photographers, Stephanie Chernikowski and Fred McDarrah, and while some of said photography was initially published in places like the Village Voice and printed mostly during the 1960s and '70s, there's work from as early as 1959, from which there's a photograph of Jack Kerouac at a reading.

There are several famous New York portraits of a stoic Bob Dylan, as well as a grainy digital portrait of Henry Rollins (erm...not from the '60s or '70s); there are prints of William de Kooning, a pre-beard Jerry Garcia, John Lee Hooker, Willie Nelson and John Belushi sharing a joint, and Richard Hell looking suave. Unlike the recent punk photography exhibit at DRKRM*, where pictures of everyone from Patti Smith to the Germs to the Bags go for about $350, these shots range from $1,000 (digital prints) to $5,000 (vintage photographs). The exception, of course, being the pair of photos involving John and Yoko, drawing chalk outlines of each other against a wall in the name of the avant-garde, a hefty albeit (possibly?) worthwhile $10,000.

For we cheapskates who only look and admire, the exhibit remains for viewing until November 10. The Shooting Gallery is at 7403 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Go or else!

*DRKRM is a printing studio and photo gallery, where the current exhibit through October 26 is called “Destroy All Music: The Masque and Beyond, 1977-1978.” If you were too young to witness any shows at the Masque in Los Angeles, this exhibit is highly enjoyable if you supplement it by reading We Got the Neutron Bomb, about the L.A. punk scene through the early '80s.


Anonymous said...

i was a little intimidated by fred's prices too, but believe mine were consistent w/those in the earlier show at the shooting gallery that you mentioned. btw, i would lay down the $10,000 for the lennon/ono set if i had it to spare. thanks for the mention and attention to detail.
stephanie chernikowski nyc

China said...

Oh wow, hi. Yeah, I get a bit sad when I see how expensive photographs are in general, mostly because I can't imagine ever having thousands to spare on a piece I badly want! And not only am I in agreement on the John/Yoko set, but I'd have been happy being able to afford a fair number of those photos. Your work is fantastic.