Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Next comes the part where a giant earthquake breaks us off and turns us into an island.

The former home of Suzanne Somers.

So, unless you've been completely ignoring the news as of late, in which case you're not on your computer, Southern California is transforming into Hell, though a bit sooner than most of us anticipated. The fires between Malibu and San Diego have caused thousands to relocate to Qualcomm Stadium, and Suzanne Somers to wonder where the hell she's going to find another mansion further inland. According to Yahoo! Maps I live approximately 23 miles from Malibu, where fires are rampant, and immediately after stepping outside I could smell the burning process, which has caused the blue sky to the north to fade to an unfortunate brownish-orange toward the south. It is significantly warmer today, and breathing is a touch more difficult. And this isn't anywhere near the fire!

But no bother, says Governor Schwarzenegger. The evacuated residents of Southern California “are very happy" to be having this giant, Katrina-style sleepover. More on that here.

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