Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sometimes you feel like a nut--

Big young garage rock fest at the Smell in downtown L.A. last night; female punkers Mika Miko played a fantastic and sweaty set as usual, prompting a healthy dance pit at the otherwise friendly and mellow venue. Much like this, minus the beach balls. If you haven't heard, Mika Miko's newest album 666 came out this summer (it's actually a 12" EP, so they say, but at thirteen tracks I call it an album, and I call it "available here"). Recorded on 6.06.06 and just as good as the sassy Germs-meets-Erase Errata ball of fun that was their first album.

Additionally! There were some fabulous openers worthy of mention - opening band A.M. will undoubtedly develop a decent local following for their DIY ethic and too-genuinely-sloppy-to-be-ironic rock sound. In addition to the LA Times article they proudly display on their website, which refers to them getting kicked out of an impromptu and unwanted set outside of last weekend's Fuck Yeah! Fest (at which they hadn't been scheduled to play), they've got a guitarist named Fonzie and a female drummer - Karin - who's actually quite nice and plays a pieced-together drum kit consisting of a snare, crash and ride cymbals, and a bass drum free of pedals propped up on its side. Last night's show saw them hollering in unison and one band member literally climbing up a wall pipe. I bought a copy of their first album, 1998, which is only available on cassette for five bucks, but within each cassette lies a password and link to a downloadable copy of the album. See link for purchase below...

The Muslims, meanwhile, who already seem off to a good start in their hometown of San Diego (and are nominated for Best New Artist via the San Diego Music Awards), are quite tight despite an approximate year-long existence, qualifying them as a damn good pop band and nothing more. The few articles and opinions on them mention the Velvet Underground - either to dispute or second a claim that one band rips off the other - but they're frankly not Lou Reed-cool enough to fall under that description. More like a band you'd find on a Crypt Records sampler, I s'pose. Anyhow, the only way to snag their music is to track 'em down for a free demo CD at one of their shows, or to visit their MySpace page and download all four tracks, which are free in said medium as well.

A.M. - Message to Her
A.M. - The Temptation of St. Anthony
Purchase cassette copy of 1998 here or at one of their shows; each cassette comes with a URL where you can download a digital copy of the album for CD burning purposes.
A.M. on MySpace

The Muslims - Extinction
The Muslims - Right and Wrong
The Muslims on MySpace

A.M. tour dates:
9.8 - The Smell (Los Angeles, CA)
9.29 - The Smell (Los Angeles, CA)

The Muslims tour dates:
10.8 - The Tube (Portland, OR)
10.9 - Le Voyeur (Olympia, WA)
10.12 - Vera Project (Seattle, WA)
10.13 - Edinburgh Castle (San Francisco, CA)
10.14 - The Echo (Los Angeles, CA)

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