Monday, August 20, 2007

...waiting for Dick Clark to kick off...

In slightly happier news, the Twilight Sad gets to go on a big tour, and even open for those Smashing Pumpkins kids (that's happy news, right?). In more slightly sad news, they're skipping over most of the US.

But wait! In slightly happier news, Leona Helmsley is now in Heaven, picking fights with all the little people. I hope she got there safely in her 100-seat jet.

And in slightly happier news that does not involve a death or getting chummy with Billy Corgan, here are a couple of music recommendations resulting from a dig around My Space on a hunt for Irish bands. The first is the Exhibition, whose music actually sounds a bit cluttered and maddening until you get used to it and suddenly can't stop shoving it in your ears. Think "Breakfast Time" by Orange Juice - strangely addicting, no? The second is Evil Harrisons, a rather mature and quirky pop group that reminds me quite a bit of Fast Piece of Furniture (review coming soon) in its retro-yet-adult quality.

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