Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pete Molinari: More American Than Billy Childish's Wife.

Pete Molinari's a folk singer from the Bob Dylan Vocal School, nasal and high pitch intact, but he writes a damn good song and well-epitomizes the traditions of American folk and country – even as a Brit. Raised in Chatham, Kent as part of a Maltese/Italian/Egyptian family, Molinari eventually met Chatham punk/folk god Billy Childish, who recorded Molinari's debut LP, Walking Off the Map, in his kitchen (the record saw a 2006 release on Damaged Goods). Months prior to the release of Molinari's second album, due this fall, England's Big Bertha Records made Molinari's double-A-side its first release (both tracks are too good for either to be of B-quality, thank you).

Available in the form of downloads or a limited-edition seven-inch, first track “Virtual Landslide” is a massively Dylan-esque, traditional solo folk song with a spotlight on Molinari's faux-American accent. Alternate A-side “There She Still Remains,” meanwhile, is a retro country ballad in the vein of Patsy Cline, slide guitar and words of heartbreak intact. A damn shame that this is the stuff limited releases are made of.

Purchase "Virtual Landslide/There She Still Remains"

Visit Pete Molinari's website, where you can find a six-song sampler (what, you thought I'd upload a single for the taking?? Cheap bastards, you are!)

Pete's My Space page, with (mostly English) tour dates and lots of plaid.

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