Wednesday, August 29, 2007

May there one day be universal health care.

The sad thing about the independent music scene is that the independent bands are the ones without oodles of money to toss around, so those are typically the folks with no health insurance who end up in a panic when they receive health scares. Beth Ditto's gall bladder problems, anyone? But because they're the ones with a close community of fans, they're also usually the musicians who have people rallying around them, willing to help with anything necessary. That said, there are a couple of causes that could use some monetary donations this month:

First, John Stabb (formerly of punk band Government Issue) was reportedly attacked without reason and had to be reconstructed with what sounds to be gobs and gobs of metal under the face (more on this via The Big Takeover). If you would like to assist him with medical expenses, you can find out more about his condition and donate money here.

Next, Karl Alvarez (of All and the Descendents) had a small heart attack earlier this month, and there's a benefit page for him on My Space, which links to a PayPal account - all money donated save for pesky but minor PayPal fees will go to Karl's medical bills. The benefit page also links to John Stabb's benefit page, so visit both sites while you're at it.

Bad summer for aging punks? Indeed - if you haven't heard about Ruts guitarist Paul Fox and his inoperable lung cancer, sad news lies here, and info about past benefit concerts for Fox and cancer research can be found here.

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